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Satisfied clients. At the launch of the Sussex County Cricket Club
Player’s Piazza, Parker Building Supplies Financial Director
Stewart Pierce and executives and players of Sussex CCC
celebrate the launch of the first commemorative pavior.

Quality products. Quality engraving

Brick Engraving On-Line use only the highest quality products and our engraving methods ensure that the products look as superb on day 1001 as on day 1.

Our high quality paviors can be used for pathways and driveways but meet local authority recommendation for use in roadways, car parks and industrial sites.

Our engraving is known to be of an extremely high standard so the engraving will last as long the brick. Note, if you are cleaning the bricks using acid or a very powerful jet wash you may remove the colour.

The advantage of using Brick Engraving On-Line is that our unique engraving method means we achieve a uniform depth throughout the brick and the base of the character is smooth. Traditional sandblasting methods give uneven depth because the bricks do not have uniform consistency and blasting therefore engraves some characters very deep, furthermore the base of the character is rough.

To find out more about how this unique service can help you to raise valuable funds and to create a unique piece of history in the process, contact us today ...

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