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Putting the ‘fun’ into fundraising

Personalised brick fundraising campaigns are a great way to raise much-needed funds for any new building project, or refurbishment, by engaging sponsors and supporters in your cause and offering them the opportunity to ‘be a part of history’.

Personalised brick and pavior fundraising campaigns have helped many organisations achieve their fundraising goals. Selling personalised products like these is not only fun but it rewards the sponsor for their donation and is a proven method of generating much-needed funds for a number of commercial and charitable ventures.

There is very little outlay. The only thing you need to decide on is the theme for your project. It may be a ‘Walk of Fame’ or ‘Supporters Wall’ or a campaign to ‘Be a Part of History.’ Your sponsors will then enjoy the experience of seeing their uniquely personalised brick, pavior or plaque set in a pathway or wall slip within the landscaping of the building.

Marketing, Advertising and Websites

Whether you decide to advertise your offer to your potential sponsors by leaflets and brochures, press advertising, or via online campaigns, we can help you create these, using our long experience in the design, print and web industries.

Our design and marketing team will discuss your project and your goals and create a unique marketing campaign. We can help you with the creation of the project name, logo, colour themes, copywriting, sourcing of photography or illustrations, complete design and production.

To find out more about how this unique service can help you to raise valuable funds and to create a unique piece of history in the process, contact us today on 01323 404100 or email us from the Contact Us page for full details and pricing.